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[March 14th 2011 03:17 PM]
Wow. Haven't updated this in a good while. Well.... Carry on.
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[July 18th 2009 06:11 PM]
Just when everything is all good. I'm being positive. Looking forward to going back to school. Feeling good. Even thinking about buying a fucking lottery ticket.
My Zune got stolen out of my car. I left it on the seat by accident.

Not a huge deal but I use that fucking thing 24/7. The radio in my car is messed up so that's what I listen to when I'm driving and I drive a lot.

And thanks to this shitty job that my mom told me to take I'm fucking broke and I can't afford to replace it or even get a crappy substitute.

I guess that's not completely fair. I would have much prefered to be a nanny and make ridic amounts of money but this job did sound cool and I did agree to take it.

Like I said, it's not even a huge fucking deal. It's a Zune. But somehow this like sent reality crashing back into my face. My housing situation at school is fucked up, my car is getting more and more shitty by the day, my mom decided to up and move across the country so I have to buy my own fucking groceries and shit and now I'll have no music in the car (or around the house for that matter).

lol and now my mom is telling me to report it to the police. They would lol in my face.
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[July 10th 2009 06:55 PM]
Talking to my mom on AIM:

Her: Where are you?
Me: Home
Her: Where's the boy?
Me: idk At his house.
Her: What?
Her: Oh duh I meant your brother.

super fail.
I've been calling this dude "boy" so much that I think everybody else calls him that too. yikes.

Going to Brooklyn tonight with the girls for a birthday party/sleepover at Amy's.... yes semi-adults still have sleepovers. Deal wit it.
So excited though, haven't seen my girlies in a while. I hope I don't have to take care of any drunks though, I get enough of that in the dorms tyvm.

[July 7th 2009 03:15 PM]
I wish that boy watched 30 Rock so I could say "Careful, my bones."

.... I'm a nerd.

Going over there tonight, apparently we're going for a run together. He plays football so I'm ready to be embarrassed.
Plus I have short legs and he's 6'3''. Why did I agree to this?

In other news, I fucking hate my job and my boss. And I would be making so much more if I was nannying again. ugh.
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[July 5th 2009 09:18 PM]
ugh why don't we live in a real house? We live in a two family. My cousin and his weird girlfriend just moved in upstairs. She's cleaning in the hallway and I want to go run but I don't want to have to walk by her.

I hate that awkward "Hey, how are you?" bullshit.
Sounds like she's scrubbing the stairs. idk idk.

Catching up with SYTYCD until she goes away.

[June 16th 2009 10:00 PM]
Hey new LJ fronds!

Hmmm it smells like fire outside. Not like cooking or barbeque, like fire. That's worrying.

[January 25th 2009 07:13 PM]
Bath & Body Works =/= Bed Bath and Beyond. Lesson learned.

Also I'm pretty sure I saw Harvey Fierstein at the grocery store.

[January 8th 2009 07:20 PM]
My tummy's been so weird today.
I got woken up at 5am and I couldn't go back to sleep. So I ate breakfast at like 6:15 (I usually eat at around 9) and I think I threw my whole body off.
I've been "hungry" all day. 20 minutes after I eat my tummy starts growling. wtf?
Should I use this as an excuse to pig out all day? Hmmm guess not. But still. My tummy feels gross.
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[December 30th 2008 03:01 PM]
My external hard drive broke :(

I just had to squeeze the 150gigs worth of shit I had on there onto my computer. I now have 5GB free space on my C drive. Sweet. Luckily, I cleaned my room and I found the box and receipt so I'm gonna try to get another one. Circuit City better not give me shit.

This will teach me to watch things after I download them though. I had to delete so much. Like the entire Band of Brothers series. I haven't watched a single episode.

On a happier note, How awesome is Damages? I watched the first season all day yesterday and I finished it this morning. Such a good show. Glenn Close is a total BAMF.

[September 6th 2008 05:40 PM]
Has anyone else watched the first episode of Dexter yet? Holy shit. I can't wait for the season to start.

blah. Home for the weekend. My mom's in Jamaica. My grandparent's are coming to visit. They're plane gets in tonight and I have to go get them. hooray.

The tv's not working because it's pouring. Fuckin satellite.

Oh, the boredom.

I have to read The Girl With the Pearl Earring by Tuesday and I'm on... page 24. Yeah, that's not getting done.

I guess it's for the best that the tv's not working then.

lol ok it's back on.

I miss Andre Agassi's hair.
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